Event Purpose:

The Downtown Hillsboro Farm to Table dinner was created to:

  • Highlight the food industry and culture that is starting to arise in Downtown and Hillsboro as a whole; especially new restaurants and nightlife businesses.
  • Celebrate the “agriculture meets business” theme that we see so frequently all over Hillsboro.


The Hillsboro community is seeking more restaurant options and nightlife entertainment venues (as identified by 2035 plan and HDP surveying), although many community members are unaware of new restaurant and nightlife opportunities that have arisen in Downtown.

As HDP was getting established in late 2015, several community and organizational needs came together to create the first Farm to Table Dinner. Those needs included:

  • The City of Hillsboro’s 2035 plan identified that the engaged residents of Hillsboro are constantly seeking more restaurant options and entertainment venues.
  • The feedback gathered from the plan also demonstrated the desire of the community to preserve its historical connections to agriculture and small farms.
  • Fans of Downtown Hillsboro were lining up to be involved and volunteer with the newly formed HDP.
  • HDP was identifying ways to diversify funding streams beyond our initial seed funding to become a truly sustainable organization, committed to the revitalization of Downtown Hillsboro.
  • HDP was ready to start building relationships with other organizations, businesses, and individuals in the community.
  • Local chefs were looking for the opportunity to highlight their skills in a community forum.

These needs came together when HDP staff posted a photo of a similar event on Facebook. From there the idea snowballed into the successful Inaugural event, where 250 people gathered around communal tables and enjoyed foods grown locally, dishes prepared by Downtown chefs, a silent auction, beer and wine from local producers, and smiling volunteers serving them on a sunny summer evening.

Funds Raised go toward:

  • Organizing community events like Harvest on Main and the Holly Days & Tree Lighting Ceremony.
  • Visual improvements in Downtown. Everything from flower baskets, to public art, and renewing historic buildings.
  • Programs that bring new businesses to Downtown, and support existing businesses.
  • Marketing and promoting Downtown to customers and investors.
  • Building a culture of volunteerism and partnership in Downtown.
  • Cultivating a vibrant community.

Learn more about the Hillsboro Downtown Partnership’s story, and mission here!